Dawn Quest,
Clinical Hypnotherapist (RTT)

Hi, I’m Dawn, and I help women, teens and children transform their lives, helping them break free from anxiety and stress,  build confidence and self-esteem, and start living and enjoying life to the full.

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“What a miracle you have worked on me Dawn. This is something I thought
I’d never be free of”

Hi, I’m Dawn

and for the past 12 years I have been helping women transform their lives in powerful and positive ways by breaking free from negative self-beliefs and conditions including anxiety, stress and low confidence and self-esteem.

I combine a phenomenal therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy along with coaching techniques to help my clients makes changes in all aspects of their life.

I’ve helped my clients find more fulfilling careers, break free from toxic relationships, create more intimacy with partners, build bullet-proof confidence and self-esteem, lose weight and build positive body image as well as develop healthier mindsets around money, personal boundaries and physical issues such as insomnia and allergies.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a remarkable therapy that time and again I have seen transform my clients’ lives in incredible ways, and it can transform yours too. You can read more about how RTT has helped my clients here.

I also work with children and teenagers experiencing emotional or physical issues. You can find out more here: RTT for children and Teens or visit my Breaking the Anxiety Habit page for more information. 

If you’ve already tried other therapies without success, or haven’t yet sought help for whatever you are struggling with, then let’s chat. Book your free 30 minute consultation call by filling in the form opposite and I will get back to you to book a time

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"Honestly Dawn, you have changed my life.
I found my RTT session with you so liberating"

– Jenny, SE England

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Transform your mind to create a happier, healthier life

I work with my clients to eliminate old, outworn negative and subconscious self-beliefs, to transform the mind to create healthier feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

I specialise in treating anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem but also treat a wide variety of emotional and physical issues such as:  

Weight loss




Career and life purpose

Money blocks

Love and relationships

"We have our happy and confident little girl back.
Thank you Dawn from all our family."

– Anne and Steuart, Kilmarnock

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