3 Secrets to Staying Calm, Grounded and Balanced as the Parent of a Teen with Anxiety

How to look after yourself while parenting your anxious teen (and help them feel calmer and more confident too!) 

Two dates available: Tuesday 13th June, 7:30pm (UK time)
Wednesday, 14th June, 11:30am (UK time) 

In this Masterclass you'll learn:
The crucial step to staying calm and keeping your cool, even when your teen spirals into panic. 
The one fundamental mistake parents make that creates even more stress in the family dynamic, and how to put it right. 
How to avoid burnout to feel confident and empowered so you can help your teen best.

Why staying calm and looking after yourself is vitally important if you're the parent of a teen with anxiety

As parents, when our children struggle, we struggle too. 

And when our teens are trying to deal with anxiety, that struggle can feel overwhelming.

We can feel helpless and powerless, as everything we try to do to help doesn't work.

Finding the right medical and professional help can be like navigating a maze, with different confusing steps, long waiting lists and hitting a dead end every time.

As a parent of a teen with anxiety, it's so easy to feel stressed and anxious ourselves. The very real risk is that we become exhausted and burnt out. 

And that's not good for us, our families or our teens. 

It sounds counter-intuitive, but looking after ourselves can be one of the very best things we can do for our struggling teen.

In this free training, I'll share the top 3 secrets to staying calm and grounded while parenting an anxious teen. 

PLUS the fundamental mistake I see parents make which changes the family dynamic to create even more anxiety and stress. And I'll show you how to put it right, quickly and easily. 


This free training is a must attend if...

You've been trying to find help for your teen, but nothing seems to work.
You're feeling exhausted and burnt out and you're not sure how long you can continue with the way things are. 
The whole dynamic of the family has changed to support your anxious teen, and now you find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do just to accommodate the anxiety. The family is stressed. You're stressed.

A personal invitation from Dawn


Helping children and teens struggling with anxiety, panic, stress, low confidence, and self-esteem is my passion. I love empowering young people to let go of their fears and become their best selves.

I know that when a teen struggles with anxiety they don't struggle alone. The whole family is affected, and very soon, stress levels and anxiety in the home are through the roof. 

That's why I support parents just as much as I support teens with anxiety. And in this free training I'm going to be sharing with you the 3 key secrets to keeping your own wits about you while helping your teen, and explaining some of the ways to change the family dynamic from stressed to calm.