Breaking the Habit of Emotional Eating – Sophie’s Story

Sometimes my clients will contact me after a few days of listening to their RTT recording and tell me that it’s not working. I can… Read more

Sleep issues in children and teens

Sleep Issues in Children and Teens

Sleep issues in children and teens may feel complex and never-ending, especially to bewildered and exhausted parents at the end of their tether. But in… Read more

When your teen leaves home

When your teen leaves home…

As teenagers head off to University or higher education this week, many parents may be feeling a mixture of emotions: pride, excitement, maybe even relief,… Read more

Anxiety - Woman standing in a field - breaking free from anxiety |

Breaking Free from Anxiety – Sarah’s Story

*Sarah came to see me in the grip of terrible anxiety which she had suffered for as long as she could remember.  In Sarah’s case… Read more

Criticism Kills

Criticism Kills. How to protect yourself from constant criticism

Constant criticism kills. Worrying new evidence suggests that being constantly criticised can send people to an early grave. That’s according to a recent study published… Read more

How to cope with the new normal

How to Cope with the New Normal

This new normal we’re getting used to is pretty strange isn’t it? I’ve heard the word surreal used a lot lately as many of us… Read more

Keep Calm in Anxious Times: Choose Your Response

Choose Your Response: Keeping Calm in Anxious Times

It can be hard to keep calm and positive in the midst of our current Coronavirus pandemic. If you are struggling with worry and stress,… Read more

How to change your life | standing on a pier looking out to the horizon \

How to Change Your Life

What is holding you back from changing your life? Find out what you need to change first before you can make successful change or changes… Read more

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions | To begin, begin... flamingos taking flight |

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

Five top tips to help you keep that “fresh out of the box New Year I can do anything feeling” going all year. Read more

Breathing tip helps reduce anxiety | dandelion clock |

This Simple Breathing Tip Helps Reduce Anxiety

During moments of stress, anxiety and even panic attacks, the common advice tends to be to “take deep breaths”. But that advice is now being… Read more

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - so wrote Helen Keller. And that's something to keep in mind when fear gets in the way of making big, bold decisions

Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing

When fear gets in the way of making big, bold decisions about how you want your life to be, remember the big picture… Read more

Slow and Steady wins the race, as they say. This week has definitely been on the slower, more contemplative side. In the spirit of taking things at a more relaxed pace, here are my Friday Five... |

Slow and Steady… #MyFridayFive Slow and Steady wins the race, as they say. This week has definitely been on the slower, more contemplative side. In… Read more

GONE TO THE FIELDS… #myfridayfive I like to know things – in particular, new things: books, apps, adventures, courses, writers… and I also love to… Read more

4 Things to Ask When You're Making a Decision|

4 Things to Ask When You’re Making a Decision

Grappling with a major life decision? Four essential questions to ask yourself to help you get to the right decision, fast. Read more

3 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life |

3 Ways to Get Your Day Off to the Best Possible Start

Three daily practises that will have an immediate and profound impact on your energy, creativity and happiness, today. Read more


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