Write your book in 2023! With Jacqui Lofthouse

Everyone has a book in them, or so the saying goes. I have about three half-finished books in me - and, until only very recently, all were languishing in a long-forgotten file on my laptop. All that changed last year, when I decided to sign up for a unique 5-day challenge to commit to starting […]
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Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work For You - and what to don instead

Why New Year's Resolutions don't work for you... and what to do instead

It's that time of year again... when people start making (and breaking) their New Year's Resolutions. If you've tried and failed with resolutions before, maybe you've become a little jaded with the whole she-bang!
How to make money while you sleep - interview with Lucy Griffiths, course creation expert and author, Make Money While You Sleep

How to make money while you sleep, with Lucy Griffiths

Have you ever dreamed about quitting your day job, working for yourself and generating income... even while you sleep? Dawn talks to Course Creation Expert and author, Lucy Griffiths
What is my true purpose in life? | Dawn Quest, Rapid Transformational Therapy

7 signs your true purpose is calling

Do you know what your calling or true purpose is in life? Here are 7 signs your true purpose is calling your name, if you just listen.
Afraid to be more visible in business? Dawn Quest

Are you afraid to be more visible in your business?

Do you struggle with a fear of being visible in your career or business? Do this one thing to help you move away from the fear and start being more visible, more engaged and more consistent in sharing your message.
The Best Breathing Exercise for Anxiety Relief | Dawn Quest, Rapid Transformational Therapy

The Best Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

There's one breathing exercise that's so effective at reducing anxiety and panic, its the only breathing exercise I teach.

Turning a passion into a thriving business: Nicola Bird, Founder of The Floral Project

Do you dream of turning a passion into a business? Get inspiration from my guest, Nicola Bird of The Floral Project, who did just that.

No More Emotional Eating - Sophie's Story

Sophie, an attractive successful business-woman in her 50s, came to see me to help beat her addiction to drinking wine and eating junk food.

Sleep Issues in Children and Teens

Sleep issues in children and teens may feel complex and never-ending, especially to bewildered and exhausted parents at the end of their tether.

When your teen leaves home...

You're never ever ready. And it always feels too soon. Your child is leaving home and there you are, wondering why it feels like someone just ripped out your heart and ran all over it with a juggernaut.

Breaking Free from Anxiety - Sarah's Story

*Sarah came to see me in the grip of terrible anxiety which she had suffered for as long as she could remember. In Sarah's case her anxiety was very specific.
Ultimate Confidence and Self Belief RTT Porgramme

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