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“What a miracle you have worked on me Dawn. This is something I thought I’d never be free of”.     

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Breaking free from anxiety - my story

I struggled with anxiety for years. In my case, it was health anxiety and it took over every waking moment of my life. At its peak, I was convinced that every lump and bump on my body was something serious, that I had an undetected terminal illness and that, despite test after test, my doctors were missing a crucial diagnosis. I Googled my symptoms constantly, sending myself into even further panic as every search just revealed one hundred different ways I might be dying.

Needless to say, life was miserable. I spent most days in a state of high alert and panic, obsessing about every little symptom and catastrophising every second of the day. They were very dark and lonely days.

I tried everything – counselling, CBT and alternative therapies like acupuncture and reflexology. Nothing worked. In the end I was convinced that I would be in the grip of anxiety for good. 

And then I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy. And it worked, in my case like a miracle. Read more >

Break Free from Anxiety for Good - Dawn Quest - |

You don't have to struggle with anxiety alone

You can break free from anxiety just like I did, and as so many of my clients have too. After hundreds of hours of working with my clients, I’ve pulled all of my experience together to offer an effective anxiety treatment that truly works. It combines a very powerful form of hypnosis called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), along with proven and effective techniques to stop anxious thoughts and panic in their tracks. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy works by getting to the subconscious root cause of anxiety, to find out how, why, where and when it was first created. Once the root cause is identified, the anxiety can be eliminated completely.

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How I work

After an initial free 30-minute phone consultation, choose from either the Essentials, Essentials Plus or Intensive packages (see below) depending on the level of support you require. The next step is the Rapid Transformational Therapy session. This lasts approximately 90 minutes. During this session I gently take you into hypnosis to find out the root cause of the anxiety and “upgrade” the mind to let go of anxiety once and for all.

At the end of this session you’ll be given your own personal 10-20 minute hypnosis recording which I’ll ask you to listen to at least once a day for the next 21 days. Over the course of the next 28 days, I’ll check in with you to answer any questions and offer support either via email and phone, or via Zoom with more structured coaching. I am there to support you through every step of the process. Once the 28 days is over, we’ll have a chat to talk about how you’re feeling. In the majority of cases, my clients do not require any further treatment. While not guaranteed, RTT can work in as little as one session.

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Choose from one of the following packages:



A 28-day package which includes: 

One 90-minute RTT session
A personalised  transformational hypnosis recording
Email support 
One 30-minute urgent support phone session

Essentials Plus


A 28-day package which includes:

One 90-minute RTT session
Two coaching sessions
A personalised  transformational hypnosis recording
Two 30-minute urgent support phone sessions.
Follow-up email and phone support 



An intensive programme including: 

One 90-minute RTT session
Three days of back-to-back coaching following the RTT, plus three further coaching sessions (1 a week)
A personalised  transformational hypnosis recording
Three 30-minute urgent support phone sessions. 
Follow-up email and phone support

*All sessions are via Zoom

For more information and package prices please email me at
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"What a miracle you have worked on me Dawn. This is something I never thought I would be free of. I can’t thank you enough” - Sarah

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