Everyone has a book in them, or so the saying goes.

I have about three half-finished books in me - and, until only very recently, all were languishing in a long-forgotten file on my laptop.

All that changed last year, when I decided to sign up for a unique 5-day challenge to commit to starting - and more importantly - finishing at least one of my novels!

The Challenge - Commit to Your Brilliant Book - was run by the wonderful Jacqui Lofthouse, a successful author of four novels and counting, and the Founder of The Writing Coach, an international coaching and literary consultancy for writers.

I got so much out of just the challenge itself that I immediately signed up for Jacqui's year-long online literary programme - The Literary Community (formerly Inside Story).

Now, a year on, I'm 13 chapters in to one of my novels, with just four or five remaining, something I wouldn't have achieved without Jacqui's support (as well as that of the amazing community of writers in the programme).

So, if you've always wanted to write a book, or if you've started and stopped so many times you've lost count, and just need a nudge - you're in luck.

This month (January 2023), Jacqui is once again running the Commit to Your Brilliant Book - 5-Day Challenge, and she's opening the doors to the Literary Community once more.

I loved being inside the programme, much of which was down to Jacqui's incredibly kind, supportive but intelligent and insightful coaching and feedback.

So, it was such a luxury to spend some time sitting down with Jacqui for this podcast, to talk about writing, books, inspiration, the current state of the publishing industry and more.

Do have a listen - and please do let me know what you think. I know you're going to be as inspired by Jacqui as I am.




Are you ready to commit to writing your book this year?

Here are the links to Jacqui's 5-Day Challenge and her Literary Community online programme for writers.
Plus her FREE ebook: The Confident Writer

**Join the Commit to Your Brilliant Book Challenge:

**Get a free copy of 'The Confident Writer' ebook:

** Discover The Literary Community:

Let me know what you think, and also tell me how you're getting on with your writing progress. I'd love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes,

Dawn x

Have you ever dreamed about quitting your day job, working for yourself and generating income... even while you sleep? Or are you a therapist or coach who is flat out busy with clients, and you need to find a way to free up time, work less, earn more but still manage to deliver your unique expertise where it matters most?

Well, my next guest, Lucy Griffiths, knows all about that. Lucy is a Course Creation Expert and author of the book Make Money While You Sleep - a fantastic guide that walks you through the steps of creating a course of your own.

In this podcast episode, Lucy shares:

Find Lucy at:

Take the quiz: What kind of passive income is right for you? on Lucy's website
Facebook: @LucyGriffithsdotcom
Instagram: @LucyGriffithsdotcom
YouTube: Lucy Griffiths




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Hi Gorgeous One!

It's me. Your True Purpose. I've been calling you for aaaages. But you're not picking up. Everything ok?

If you've been ignoring a part of you that feels like a calling, or a 'life purpose', one thing's for sure: it's going to keep coming back to remind you it's still there, waiting for you to pick up, and do something about it. And it's going to keep prodding you until you do.

It took me three years of seeing and passing up the opportunity to train in the work I do now. I'd tell myself it was too expensive or maybe that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. Every year the training course came up, and every year I'd pass... until finally, I accepted. One of the best decisions I ever made! The work I do now feels like something I'm meant to be doing, like everything has aligned and slotted into place.

A true purpose doesn't have to be a job or career, though. It could be a place you want to live. A need you've spotted in your community that needs addressing. It could be looking after your grandchildren, doing up a house or painting just for the sheer satisfaction and joy of it.

You'll recognise it as a true purpose, and not just another hobby or interest, because something about doing it, or the prospect of doing it, lights you up on the inside like all your Christmases came at once. It becomes something you simply can't NOT do.

You may be sitting here, reading this, thinking - that's all very well, but I'm not sure I really have a true purpose. Is that right? See above about community, grandchildren, doer-uppers.

Could it be that you're just missing or ignoring the signs?

  1. You have an idea about a [insert blank here]. Be it a business, project, career, job, hobby, country - whatever it is, the idea keeps coming back to you. It's like a metaphorical poke in the ribs, as if to say: Remember me? Something about this idea lights you up and excites you.
  2. Even if your life is great as it is right now, you feel like something's missing and you can't quite put your finger on it. You feel dissatisfied, sometimes in an indefinable way.
  3. You notice signs everywhere: ads, billboards, TV programmes, or a friend starts talking about the very thing you're thinking of doing.
  4. You're numbing yourself with food, alcohol, cigarettes.. trying to find comfort, but it's never enough.
  5. You get the sense that you're living the 'wrong life' - that there's something more out there for you.
  6. There's something you would do all day every day even if you didn't get paid to do it.
  7. When you pay attention to this idea, dream or goal, it's like slipping on a pair of old and well-worn jeans - so completely comfortable, you feel like you've come home.

So, what next? Well, that's my question to you?

What's the one thing - or things? - that light you up and make you feel alive? What one step can you take today to start moving towards and embracing that sense of calling or true purpose?

I've love to know your thoughts. Head over to my Instagram feed and leave a comment.

Do you struggle with a fear of being visible in your career or business?

This was definitely me. Torn between wanting people to know what I was up to and acknowledge and appreciate me. But then feeling vulnerable and very much out of my comfort zone after posting anything on social media, or when trying to sell my courses and services.

It wasn't even about self belief, because deep down I knew I had something I wanted to share that could help people. It was more about doubting anyone else would believe me, or worse, that they would judge me... and harshly! I felt this constant back and forth between wanting attention and running away from it.


Then I spoke with the amazing archetypal coach, wise teacher and general all-round lovely guy, Laurence Hillman, who described this inner conflict so exactly to me it was like someone had switched all the lights on, and I finally saw what was going on.

He told me: Dawn your struggle is about learning how to deal with the conflict of:

Why is nobody looking at me?
Why is everybody looking at me?

The challenge, he said, was to master that conflict and not retreat whenever things feel uncomfortable.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Are you struggling with the same situation in your business or career or job? Or even in relationships, if you're dating or trying to communicate more effectively with your partner?

The conflict - between knowing you have something to share, but worrying you might be judged negatively for it?

The answer, and something I have come to learn over the course of my business, is all about knowing that - as the famous quote by American journalist, Regina Brett, goes:

What other people think of you is none of your business.

And that means learning to do this one thing very well:

Detach yourself from the expected outcome of sharing your message

Detach yourself from the expected outcome of sharing your message
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In essence, it's about knowing that what you want to share - your voice, your message - comes from a very real and true place that is uniquely you. It means trusting your intuition - that gut feeling - about what is right for you and what's not. It means detaching ourselves from the outcome of: will people like me, or like what I have to say?

The world needs more people being themselves without trying to filter themselves to appear 'better' - because when we're trying to make ourselves something we're not, that's just sending the message that we're not good enough as we are. We need to be fully ourselves - not dimmer versions and carbon copies of anyone else.

When you start detaching yourself from the expected outcome of your message, and just wholeheartedly share who you are in your business, career, relationship... a few things might happen.

  1. You may lose people
    I remember posting a newsletter out to my mailing list and losing 20 subscribers in one evening - a lot for a small mailing list at the time. The old me might have felt hurt. Instead, I realised, what I was offering was just not for them. Nothing personal. You will lose people - but they're not your people.

  2. You will attract new people, different people... your people
    By being brave about sharing your voice and message in your business, you're sharing a glimpse of your world. People who are receptive to your message will want to be a part of that world... welcome to your new people. They're here because they like what you have to say.

  3. You'll feel liberated from the old way of doing things
    It's exhausting constantly trying to edit yourself to please an audience (or anyone) especially when, in the case of social media, they're largely invisible and unknown. You won't be rushing to check likes or new followers every time you post something. You won't be worrying about people who unsubscribe or unfollow. Yes, it's good to understand your analytics, but on a macro level, not a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour level - there are people you can pay to do that. Your job is just to create, and that means from that core part of you that isn't afraid of judgement.

Does this all sound familiar to you? What's your own experience of being visible in your business. I'd love to hear from you. Share your comments on my Instagram.

Ready to let go of playing small and hiding your skills and talents for fear of criticism? Want to step into a bolder, more confident version of who you are? Check out my Ultimate Confidence and Self Belief Programme. Find out more.

Ultimate Confidence and Self Belief - Dawn Quest

Do you have an idea you think would make a brilliant business?

Or a passion project you'd love to develop into something bigger, grander, something out there in the world for others to share? Then you'll want to listen to my guest Nicola Bird, Founder of The Floral Project.

When Nicola's husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday back in 2020, little did she know then that her answer would lead to chain of events that would create, not just a flourishing business, but a blossoming community of flower growers. Today, hundreds of The Floral Project members enthusiastically sow Nicola's seeds, to grow cut flowers that they give away, spreading joy to charities, schools, and local residents in need of company and social connection.

Like all brilliant business ideas, the concept for The Floral Project is simple: a seed subscription box which includes 5 packets of seeds every month, along with instructions on how to sow them, nurture them, and grow masses of gorgeous flowers every year. But turning that idea into reality had its challenges along the way.

Now, two years on, Nicola has set her sights on The Floral Project members growing and giving away 1 million bouquets.

"It's not just a business, it's a movement," Nicola says.

In this episode, Nicola shares:

- how inspiration for The Floral Project came out of the blue, and how it became something she simply couldn't NOT do!
- how she sustains passion and motivation for the business even on those difficult days,
- her inner 'florasophy' and 'floranthropy' about business and having a calling in life,
- the important lessons sowing and growing flowers can teach us about ourselves.

Have a listen and, if you feel inspired by Nicola, please do send me your comments.

Find Nicola and The Floral Project at:

Instagram: @the.floral.project
Facebook: the.floral.project




I'd love to hear from you. Whether you're just starting to think about turning a passion project into a business, or whether you're already launched and enjoying the adventure - get in touch!

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