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Hi, I'm Dawn and I'm here to help you create a life of passion, purpose and joy.

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The Daily Inspiration Archive

Friday 13th January 2023

Question, question everything. Especially your assumptions. So much of what we assume is based on our old experiences. Which is all well and good when we're talking about facts. But not so helpful when we're talking about other people's emotions. In which case: unless you're a mind-reader - assume nothing, question everything. Assuming we know […]

Thursday 12th January 2023

If you're in a hole, stop digging. That just as easily means: If you're waiting to be happy, stop waiting. If you're wanting life to be different, stop wanting.If you're thinking about changing your life, stop thinking. And then start:BeingAppreciatingDoing... This moment, here and now, is where it's at.

Wednesday 11th January, 2023

You are allowed to try things on. Ideas, opinions, dreams. Also, hobbies...  But, more importantly, the big stuff. Jobs, relationships, life goals. Try them on, see how they fit. No hurry, no pressure. You are allowed to take your time working out if something feels right for you. And you're allowed to change your mind.

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