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Self care isn’t just about massages and hot baths. It can also be about being confident at work, or managing our feelings in relationships. Bottom line, it’s about recognising our most important needs and learning how to get them met… and that’s different for and unique to every woman. 

Self care resources

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The Essential Self Care Survival Kit

Keep your mind balanced, calm, healthy and resilient throughout the year, in lockdowns, during emotional rollercoasters and beyond. The kit includes a comforting hypnosis, self care meditations, self care rituals and more.

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Hypnosis and meditation


Boost your daily self care rituals...


Try this month's yoga flow stretches as part of your morning or evening self care ritual, with @tw_yoga_girl Charlotte Azurdia.


Open your heart space with this Seated Spine Twist as part of your self care ritual with Anissa Germain of Bora Studio.


Make this delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie, from Emma McBride Nutrition, an essential part of your morning routine.

The Essential Self Care Survival Kit

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