If you’re a coach or therapist working in the health and wellbeing sector

then the challenges you face are particularly unique.

Many coaches and therapists  struggle with issues around charging full

fees and managing time with clients. Many face money blocks or issues

around marketing and promoting.

There’s a feeling that because we as coaches and therapists are

helping people in pain somehow it’s wrong to charge our full worth and risk

being seen as taking advantage of other people’s suffering.

That mindset can often prevent some of the most able and talented

coaches and therapists from creating a busy practise and doing the thing they

love most and ultimately that means your skills and talents won’t be used to

their fullest potential – helping people.

 We often talk about collaborations in business but the most important collaboration you will ever have is with your mind! A successful business starts with a successful mindset. 

I offer a series of packages combining Rapid Transformational Therapy

(RTT), coaching and mentoring to deliver exceptional results to coaches and 

therapists -whether it’s around money blocks,  confidence,  “imposter

syndrome” or marketing and promotion.


What is RTT?

RTT is a phenomenal therapy that helps you work with your subconscious

mind to identify and permanently remove old hard-wired limiting beliefs for

good, in order to develop exceptional confidence, self-belief, decision-making

and business planning.

More about RTT



Coaching, mentoring or RTT?

Which one is best for you?

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A 28-day RTT & Coaching package which includes:

Lifestyle Assessment

One 90-minute RTT session

Three coaching sessions

Your  personalised hypnotherapy recording

28-day email and phone support




3 x 28-day RTT & Coaching package which includes:

Lifestyle Assessment

Three 90-minute RTT sessions

Six coaching sessions

Three personalised hypnotherapy recordings

28-day email and phone support




Half-day and Full-Day 1:1 sessions with Dawn


One 90-minute RTT session

1/2 day or full-day  coaching 

Your personalised hypnotherapy recording

1 hour follow-up coaching session