Turning a passion into a thriving business: Nicola Bird, Founder of The Floral Project

Hi, I'm Dawn and I'm here to help you create a life of passion, purpose and joy.

Do you have an idea you think would make a brilliant business?

Or a passion project you'd love to develop into something bigger, grander, something out there in the world for others to share? Then you'll want to listen to my guest Nicola Bird, Founder of The Floral Project.

When Nicola's husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday back in 2020, little did she know then that her answer would lead to chain of events that would create, not just a flourishing business, but a blossoming community of flower growers. Today, hundreds of The Floral Project members enthusiastically sow Nicola's seeds, to grow cut flowers that they give away, spreading joy to charities, schools, and local residents in need of company and social connection.

Like all brilliant business ideas, the concept for The Floral Project is simple: a seed subscription box which includes 5 packets of seeds every month, along with instructions on how to sow them, nurture them, and grow masses of gorgeous flowers every year. But turning that idea into reality had its challenges along the way.

Now, two years on, Nicola has set her sights on The Floral Project members growing and giving away 1 million bouquets.

"It's not just a business, it's a movement," Nicola says.

In this episode, Nicola shares:

- how inspiration for The Floral Project came out of the blue, and how it became something she simply couldn't NOT do!
- how she sustains passion and motivation for the business even on those difficult days,
- her inner 'florasophy' and 'floranthropy' about business and having a calling in life,
- the important lessons sowing and growing flowers can teach us about ourselves.

Have a listen and, if you feel inspired by Nicola, please do send me your comments.

Find Nicola and The Floral Project at:

Instagram: @the.floral.project
Facebook: the.floral.project




I'd love to hear from you. Whether you're just starting to think about turning a passion project into a business, or whether you're already launched and enjoying the adventure - get in touch!

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