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Dawn Quest is a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), personal and professional development coach and certified hypnotherapist. She trained with Marisa Peer, founder of RTT, in London, and specialises in helping remove hard-wired emotional blocks, bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviours to help her clients create a life that feels meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling.

She has been a coach for over 12 years and during that time she has worked with celebrities, authors, CEOs, sportsmen and women, entrepreneurs, parents and teenagers. Prior to coaching she was a journalist in Hong Kong, writing for the South China Morning Post, as well as numerous lifestyle and fashion magazines. She left print journalism for TV, becoming a business news producer for CNN in Asia and London before moving to the BBC in London, where she produced the business news for BBC1’s Breakfast programme and News Channel.

“Part of what I love most as an RTT practitioner and coach is helping my clients be free of all the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from being happy. I work with clients with all kinds of issues from weight loss, smoking and other addictions, to phobias, stress and anxiety. I also work with people wanting to improve their performance in business, sports or the performing arts, from adults to teenagers and children.”

If you feel resigned to never living the life you truly want, if you’ve given up on losing weight or quitting smoking or any other goal or dream, if you feel you’re somehow sabotaging yourself so that you’ll never live up to your true potential, get in touch.

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