Rapid Transformational Therapy for 
Children and Teens

Happier, confident, resilient
young minds

I offer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), hypnotherapy and coaching for children struggling with anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem as well as issues with school and friendships. I also offer specific success programmes including exam prep, sports performance, improved sleep and more. 

How I work with children and teens

Children (3-10)
I offer a gentle programme of RTT, hypnosis and coaching packages for children up to the ages of 11.

The focus is on understanding how amazing our minds are, and how we can create more positive thinking to build confidence, resilience and self esteem. I also offer specific anxiety and sleep plans as well as a range of audio bedtime stories for young children.

Pre-teens and Teens (11-18)
I work with pre-teens and teens struggling with anxiety, low self esteem and confidence as well as issues with bullying, self harm, school, friendship groups and other relationships.

As well as 1-2-1 RTT and coaching sessions, I have a range of resources including the Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens and the Breaking the Anxiety Habit course for teens.

Additional resources for children & teens

I offer a range of additional resources for children & teens which can be purchased separately or included as part of an RTT plan.
The Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens
(ages 11 +)
Breaking the Anxiety Habit for Teens Course 
(ages 11+)
Sleepy Time Stories
(ages 3 - 6)

Happy, confident, resilient young minds!

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Packages and Fees

RTT Essentials Junior (3-10)
(1 month plan)
Free 30 minute parent consultation 

Free 30 minute Zoom consultation with your child

 Pre-RTT session (30 to 60 minutes*)

One RTT session (60 - 90 minutes*)

Personalised hypnosis recording to listen to for 21 days

2 follow-up zoom coaching sessions with your child (30 to 60 minutes*). 

Email and phone support throughout the month (during practice hours).

Free Sleepy Time Stories (suitable 3 - 8)
RTT Essentials Teen (11-18)
(1 month plan)
Free 30 minute parent consultation

Free 30 minute Zoom consultation with your teen

Pre-RTT session (45 to 60 minutes*)

One RTT session (60 - 90 minutes*)

Personalised hypnosis recording to listen to for 21 days

2 follow-up zoom coaching sessions with your child (45 to 60 minutes*).

Email and phone support throughout the month (during practice hours).

Free access to the Breaking the Anxiety Habit for Teens course
Individual or Follow-Up Coaching Sessions
(30 to 60 minute sessions*)

per session
* the length of each session varies according to your child's age.

Happy young minds

  • We contacted Dawn to help us with our daughter’s ongoing anxiety and distress when going to bed. Phoebe was suffering from anxiety attacks following a frightening night-time experience and could not be left alone day or night without being extremely frightened. We spent months with her having to sleep with us or her sister and watched as her anxiety grew. We were desperate by the time we contacted Dawn to find some way to help our little girl. Dawn was fantastic, deeply knowledgeable and had a clear path as to how to address this issue. Phoebe had several sessions with Dawn. Phoebe no longer suffers from anxiety, sleeps in her own room and sleeps right through the night. A massive difference has been made in the whole family’s life and we have our fun loving, confident little girl back. The aftercare and ongoing support we received was fantastic and we would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a therapist for children. Thank you Dawn, from all of the family,
    Anne and Steuart Fotheringham, Kilmarnock
  • After years and years of my 9 year old son not being able to sleep through the night, I decided I had to do something. I had been sleeping on the floor of his room for what felt like years and I was shattered. Whenever we tried me sleeping in a different room he would wake up and come and get me. I had previously tried behavioural sleep coaches , one when he was 8 months and one when he was 5, with mixed results. I had been looking into hypnotherapy and decided against it when I was told I needed 12 sessions at £75 a session. I found out about RTT and came across Dawn. Myself and my son had 2 sessions with Dawn and my son had one session on his own. He slept in his own room on his own after the first session, and stayed asleep the whole night. He has been consistently doing this now for few months, with only a couple of nights of waking. It's been incredible, I cannot thank Dawn enough, my son is so happy too. It's been the best thing we ever did.

    Emily - Worcestershire
  • Our family is so grateful to have found Dawn and her services. I found her via just a Google Search, as we live abroad and do not have hypnotherapy services in English for children in our area. It was during the extraordinary times of 2020 - 2021 and we saw that our children could use some mental / emotional health and support, and I knew that hypnotherapy might be helpful. From the initial contact to consultation to the sessions themselves, all were done online, via video conference and emails, and the results have been incredibly effective. Both our children love working with Dawn and have looked forward to their sessions. Even though we have never met in person, we feel comfortable with her, and her care, kindness, and warmth are evident even from the screen. The children found the process very interesting and they really enjoyed learning more about how their minds work. Our younger child is much more confident in his new school and is so happy to play with his new friends, and our older child's sense of self has improved greatly as well. I give Dawn and her process of hypnotherapy for children my highest recommendation. I'm overjoyed to have found her online; the process has changed our family for the better.

    Mina - mum of 2 (ages 6 & 9), Europe
  • When our 15 year old son started having horrific panic attacks regarding school which reduced him to a shaking, cowering ball, knowing where to turn for help was difficult to say the least. Our first phone call with Dawn filled me with such hope that someone understood and could help. After three sessions with Dawn our son has found that he can manage his anxiety and he has found so much strength all because of her support. Dawn also helped myself and my husband understand how much support we needed as well. My son has since been attending school and enjoying being back learning and socialising with his friends. He still has wobbly days but from where we were a few months ago the change is monumental. The way he can cope with his feelings will now stay with him forever just as Dawn said. We are so thankful to Dawn for her calm, rational ongoing support for our family.

    Philippa, Kent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rapid Transformatiional Therapy (RTT)?
RTT, or Rapid Transformational Therapy, is a very powerful and effective form of hypnotherapy that gets to the root cause of patterns of negative self belief, thought, feeling and action and eliminates them for good.
Does Rapid Transformational Therapy really work?
In a word, yes! In my experience, 90% of my clients see results after just one session, 8% with two sessions and the remainder with 3 sessions.
How soon will I notice results?
Change with RTT happens in one of three ways: 
Immediately:  you may see a change as soon as the session is over.
Incrementally:  you'll notice gradual change over 21 days.
Retrospectively:  you may not notice any significant difference for a while but then, towards the end of the 21 days, you'll notice the issue is resolved.
How many RTT sessions will I need?
Most of my clients only need one session. More complex issues such as anxiety may take two sessions, and sometimes (but rarely) three.
What kinds of issues can Rapid Transformational Therapy help with?
Rapid Transformational Therapy is very beneficial for a wide range of physical and emotional issues. These include anxiety, confidence, low self esteem, body image and weight issues, addictions and self sabotage, nail biting, insomnia, relationships, fertility and a healthy pregnancy, exam success and more.
Do you work with children and teens?
Yes. I work with children as young as 3, and teens up to the age of 18 (teens aged 19 and over are considered adults).
Does RTT work with children?
Yes, RTT can be a very effective therapy for young children and teens. I offer RTT to children as young as 3 and tailor RTT sessions to best meet the age and emotional maturity of the child. I do not use regression in younger children (below 8).
Do I need to be in the session with my child?
My Junior RTT plans include a parent consultation, a consultation with your child, pre-and post-RTT sessions and the RTT session itself. You are more than welcome to join your child during their Zoom consultation. My experience is that RTT sessions themselves work best when parents are not in the room. I am more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have, especially if your child is anxious about working with me one to one.
Will you tell me what happens during my child's RTT session?
As a licensed therapist, I am bound by strict codes of client confidentiality. This means that I will not discuss the details of your child's session with you. I will, however, give you an overview of how I feel their session went and make suggestions about useful materials or resources. The only exception to the above is where I discover that a child is at risk of harming themselves or others, or is being harmed themselves, at which point I am duty bound to contact the local authority responsible for child safeguarding.
Can I have RTT if I am having other therapies?
I prefer it if clients do not work with other therapists during their RTT work with me. If you are currently working with another therapist, please wait until you have completed your sessions with them before starting your RTT journey. The exception is children and teens who I recognise may be under CAMHS or another therapy or service. Please book a call to discuss if you feel you'd like to have a chat.
What if I can't be hypnotised?
You may be surprised to hear that hypnosis works even if you don't feel hypnotised. I've seem some of the most powerful transformations with clients who've told me they can't be hypnotised.
Why do I have to listen to the recording for 21 days?
Research shows that for a positive habit to stick, it needs to be repeated for 21 days. Everyone is different however, and you may find you need to listen to your recording for longer or that you see results sooner. You can listen to your recording for as long as you want to after the 21 days is over. Many of my clients keep the recording to listen to whenever they feel they need a boost in the months following their session.
What is your refund policy?
I offer a full refund on 1-2-1 sessions provided the RTT or coaching plan is cancelled at least 48 hours before the first appointment. I do not offer refunds once plans and sessions have started or for any digital or online products, including courses and self-guided RTT. 
Which is best for me?  RTT, coaching or mentoring?
Please book a call to have a chat and I will suggest what I think might be the best plan for you, based on your personal needs and requirements.
What happens after I book a consultation call?
You'll be sent a confirmation and a reminder of your call with me. Once you've had your consultation call, and if you decide to go ahead and work with me, you'll be sent a link to book and pay for your sessions, along with details of how to contact me directly. 
Do you see clients face to face?
The majority of my client work is online. I use Zoom for all my sessions. For face-to-face sessions please contact me directly via the Contacts page.
Are Zoom RTT sessions as effective as face-to-face sessions?
I get asked this question a lot. I've found that Zoom sessions can be even more effective than face-to-face sessions, as my clients don't have to worry about getting to and from a physical location for their appointment. Zoom sessions mean you can relax in your own home and relax immediately afterwards without the pressure of dealing with traffic and journeys home. Zoom sessions are particularly useful for children who may be anxious dealing with new surroundings and situations.  
Do you work with international clients?
My clients are based all over the world. I've worked with clients in Bali, Dubai, the US, Canada, Columbia, Thailand, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany and South Africa.


Sleep Issues in Children and Teens

Sleep issues in children and teens may feel complex and never-ending, especially to bewildered and exhausted parents at the end of their tether.

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