Get to the root cause and eliminate whatever is holding you back from

living a happy and fulfilling life.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a

phenomenal therapy that can identify and permanently remove old hard-wired

limiting beliefs for good, and deliver freedom from a wide range of

emotional, psychological and physical conditions, including:

addictions • anxiety • auto-immune issues • confidence • depression •

emotional eating and other eating issues • family issues • fears • guilt • hair

loss • insomnia • jealousy • money mindset • motivation • nail-biting • pain •

panic attacks • phobias • procrastination • relationship issues • self-esteem

• self-worth • skin issues • smoking

stress • weight loss



What my clients say…

Ultimate You - Client Testimonial - Confidence |

Choose from one of three different RTT and coaching packages

Ultimate You Essential |

A 21-day RTT package which includes:

One 90-minute RTT session

Your own personalised hypnotherapy recording

Three follow-up support emails







Ultimate You Premium

A 28-day RTT & Coaching Package which includes:

Lifestyle Assessment

One 90-minute RTT session

Two coaching sessions

Your own personalised hypnotherapy recording

28-day email support throughout




Ultimate You Intensive

3 x 28-day RTT & Coaching package which includes:

Lifestyle Assessment

Three 90-minute RTT sessions

Six coaching sessions

Three personalised hypnotherapy recordings

Continuous email and phone support


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workshops and events