Make 2020 the year you lose weight and break free from emotional eating for good. 

If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight this year, take heart. Achieving your ideal weight and feeling good about your body doesn’t have to be about following strict diets or gruelling exercise regimes. It doesn’t even have to be about willpower.

Instead it’s about getting to the root cause and permanently breaking free from emotional eating. And that starts with identifying  what, when, why and how we eat.

Diets and exercise do work, but without the proper groundwork to change how we feel about our bodies and our relationship with food and eating,  it’s like  building a house without foundations. The house will eventually fall down.

So, before you can lose weight, there’s one thing you need to lose first. And that’s any subconscious negative beliefs you may have about your weight, how you look and the role food plays in your life.

The truth is though, in the Western world, we eat for so many other different reasons than just plain hunger: stress, loneliness, feeling down, social conditioning. Even happiness and excitement can get us eating more than we should.

When eating gets out of control, we are either eating to punish or protect ourselves. And at the heart of any issue my client is having with her weight and food there is a fundamental belief: I am unloveable.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful therapy that gets to the root cause of weight and body image issues once and for all, and can take as little as one session.

Combining hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and NLP, RTT can help put a stop to emotional eating and get eating and weight back into balance. The end result is my clients love their bodies and love themselves.


I run individual and group RTT for weight loss sessions for ladies focusing on:


What's included in my RTT for Weight Loss Programme


If you would like help creating a positive, healthy relationship with food, putting an end to emotional eating and achieving a healthy weight for good,  contact Dawn.


About Dawn:

Dawn Quest is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Woman’s Coach, supporting and inspiring women through changes in life, body, mind, career & purpose.

Dawn works with clients to help them improve body image and confidence, permanently break free from emotional eating and achieve a healthy sustainable weight.

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