Working with your School

I work with primary and secondary schools, their students and parents to promote positive wellbeing in the school environment and beyond.

How I work with schools

Teacher Support

I offer a teacher training programme delivering techniques designed to support school staff in promoting wellbeing in the classroom.

The programme includes:

Proactive techniques to ward off student anxiety, overwhelm and stress.

Effective steps to instantly nip anxiety and panic attacks in the bud.

Understanding patterns and habits of negative thoughts, feelings and actions and how to reverse them. 

How to spot and support victims of bullying. 

Student Support

I deliver small group or school-wide sessions for students, to encourage them to be proactive in managing their own mental wellbeing.

The sessions include:

Understanding emotions like anxiety and anger and how to deal with them.

Dealing with issues like procrastination and exam stress.

Bullying - working with both the victims of bullying and the students engaged in bullying behaviour. 

The positive feedback loop of fostering positive thoughts, feelings and actions.
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Specialised Support


I offer a range of additional resources for students who have been victims of bullying - as well as students who have engaged in bullying behaviour. 

I run classes and training for parents of teens with anxiety, panic and overwhelm, as well as general parenting issues. 

Additional resources for children & teens

I offer a range of additional resources for children & teens which can be purchased separately or included as part of an RTT plan.
The Anxiety Tool Kit for Teens
(ages 11 +)
Breaking the Anxiety Habit for Teens Course 
(ages 11+)
Sleepy Time Stories
(ages 3 - 6)

Happy, confident, resilient young minds!

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Hi, I'm Dawn


I'm a Rapid Transformational Therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach, and mum of two.

I specialise in helping young people and their parents learn more effective ways to deal with issues like anxiety, panic, stress, low confidence, and self-esteem. I love empowering young people to let go of their fears and become their best selves.

I work with young children and their parents all over the world, from Colombia to Dubai, Bali, Spain and the US. 

I am a licensed RTT therapist and registered member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.
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Happy young minds

  • Dawn has been a godsend to my daughter who suffered from anxiety leading up to her GCSE year. At one stage I thought she wouldn't be able to complete her exams. Not only did she complete them but came top of the year. I can't recommend Dawn highly enough.

    Susan, Dorset
  • I loved Dawn's Calmer Parenting of Anxious Teens Boot Camp. Even now, weeks later, people are noticing how much calmer I am, and as a result my daughter's anxiety has also calmed down.  I am happier and she is happier. 

    Michelle - Milton Keynes
  • Our family is so grateful to have found Dawn and her services. It was during the extraordinary times of 2020 - 2021 and we saw that our children could use some mental / emotional health and support. Both our children love working with Dawn and have looked forward to their sessions. Even though we have never met in person, we feel comfortable with her, and her care, kindness, and warmth are evident even from the screen. The children found the process very interesting and they really enjoyed learning more about how their minds work. Our younger child is much more confident in his new school and is so happy to play with his new friends, and our older child's sense of self has improved greatly as well. 

    Mina - mum of 2 (ages 6 & 9), Europe
  • When our 15 year old son started having horrific panic attacks regarding school which reduced him to a shaking, cowering ball, knowing where to turn for help was difficult to say the least. Our first phone call with Dawn filled me with such hope that someone understood and could help. After three sessions with Dawn our son has found that he can manage his anxiety and he has found so much strength all because of her support. Dawn also helped myself and my husband understand how much support we needed as well. My son has since been attending school and enjoying being back learning and socialising with his friends. He still has wobbly days but from where we were a few months ago the change is monumental. The way he can cope with his feelings will now stay with him forever just as Dawn said. We are so thankful to Dawn for her calm, rational ongoing support for our family.

    Philippa, Kent

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