Help your teen become happier, calmer and more confident.



A step-by-step self-guided programme to help your teen conquer panic, anxiety and overwhelm.


Our teens in crisis

More and more teens are struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, panic, depression, and stress. But our health services are swamped and are unable to cope. Waiting lists for CAMHS are now months long. 

​For a teen, anxiety can feel overwhelming and out of control. It has them in its grip and completely takes over their life. 

As the parent of a teen with anxiety, you know your teen needs help now.

Teens in crisis - swamped NHS mental health services turning away children - The Guardian
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What is No More Anxiety for Teens?

No More Anxiety for Teens™ is a unique online resource designed to help your teen break free from anxiety and panic, and start feeling happier, calmer and more confident.

Featuring engaging practical and effective video lessons, exercises and tools, No More Anxiety helps your teen learn techniques to calm themselves in minutes, and create long-lasting healthy habits for resilience, confidence and emotional wellbeing. 

No More Anxiety! can help your teen if they are...

feeling anxious about, or are refusing to go to school
becoming agitated and anxious about specific issues: exams, social situations, puberty, friendships, etc.
have been or are currently experiencing bullying.
have a diagnosis or are suspected of having ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ODD, which is causing stress.
have anxiety due to family issues such as divorce, illness, moving home or school, bereavement, puberty, etc.
are having sleep issues such as finding it difficult to fall asleep or waking frequently at night. 

With proven, effective techniques to help your teen:

break free from anxiety and feel happier, confident, and more resilient.
understand their own anxiety triggers and learn effective techniques to cope with school, friendship groups, and other issues.
nip panic attacks in the bud. 
sleep better, and have more energy and focus during the day.
recognise negative thought patterns and choose more positive thoughts and actions to feel more confident and in control.
create stronger personal boundaries and ask for and receive help when they need it most.

Anxiety is not forever!

Your teen can break free from anxiety and feel happier, confident and more resilient...

What's inside the programme

* Bite-size videos to help your teen understand what anxiety is, why they have it, and how to break free from it.

* Downloadable mindset exercises to help your teen manage their anxiety.

* Calming audios for nervous system regulation to help your teen calm down in stressful situations.

* Downloadable and printable  affirmations to help your teen build confidence and self-esteem.

* Convenient members' login for your teen to access the programme.

* Email support for parents.

* Available as an App.

Your teen can access the resources in their own time and go at their own pace.

Breaking the anxiety habit course content
Engaging bite-size content to give your teen the tools they need to beat anxiety for good. 

Each lesson is available in video, audio and transcript format for easy access.

What Parents Say


No More Anxiety has truly been a fantastic resource for our daughter. She has really taken on board all the lessons and is now doing so well. Thank you!


My son loved all the videos. I only wished I'd had this when I was at school.


Jess really enjoyed this course and has found all the exercises and tips so useful in her GCSE year. Thank you!


Forever Access
Online video modules
Downloadable exercises 
Nervous system regulation affirmations
Calming audio downloads
All lessons available as audio, video & transcripts
Email support for parents
Available as an App

Hi, I'm Dawn


I'm a Rapid Transformational Therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach, proud mum of two, and former anxiety sufferer.

Helping children and teens struggling with anxiety, panic, stress, low confidence, and self-esteem is my passion. I love empowering young people to let go of their fears and become their best selves.

I use effective and powerful techniques to help my teen clients break free from anxiety and build confidence, resilience, and happiness. And now, I'm excited to share my expertise through my No More Anxiety! online resource, providing a safe and supportive space for your teen to thrive.

Terms and Conditions

What to know before you purchase the No More Anxiety course. 
No More Anxiety! Breaking the Anxiety Habit for Teens is a recorded self-study programme, covering general issues of anxiety, confidence and self-belief for children ages 11+. It does not include RTT or hypnotherapy services or individual coaching sessions. For individual and personal RTT sessions for your child please visit my page RTT for Children and Teens
All purchases are final, but refunds will be given for technical issues that prevent access to the course. Please read the information on this page carefully before buying the programme.
While I have a very high level of success with my teen and adult clients, results can't be guaranteed. Your teen's level of progress will also depend on their engagement with the course content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the No More Anxiety! Breaking the Anxiety Habit for Teens programme?
The programme brings together all of the coaching exercises and techniques I use in my private individual sessions with teens into one effective group programme. The course includes weekly videos and exercises that your teen can work through in their own time during the week. Please note: the course does not include RTT hypnotherapy.
How long are the modules?
Each weekly video lesson is around 10 - 15 minutes long so as not to take up too much of your child's time. Weekly exercises should take no more than 30 minutes but are designed to be fun and easy to complete.
Will the programme help my child become less anxious and more confident?
The exercises and techniques I use during the programme are very effective at helping children, teens (and adults) break the pattern of anxious thoughts and feelings. I have a high success rate with my clients.

However, your child's progress does depend on them accessing and learning from the course content. The more they engage with the programme content, the more likely they are to learn ways to manage anxious thoughts and feelings.
How do I register my teen?
You can access the course by clicking on the Buy Now button above. Once you have paid for your registration, you will be sent login details to access the membership platform. There you will find all the modules and other content. Your teen can start accessing the modules straight away. Please sign up with your own email details. If you'd like your teen to have their own login id, please email me once you have purchased the course.
Does the programme include hypnosis or RTT?
The programme does not include hypnosis or RTT. For individual RTT sessions for your child, please visit my page Rapid Transformational Therapy for Children and Teens.
Is there support for parents during the programme?
As a parent of a teen enrolled in my programme, you can  email me at any time during practice hours if you have any questions or concerns. 
What is your refund policy?
I do not offer refunds for the No More Anxiety online course unless there are technical reasons which prevent access to the course. For this reason, please make sure you have read the above information carefully before buying to make sure the course is right for your teen. If you have any questions, please do email me and I will be only too happy to provide any further information you need. 
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