How to make money while you sleep, with Lucy Griffiths

How to make money while you sleep - interview with Lucy Griffiths, course creation expert and author, Make Money While You Sleep
Hi, I'm Dawn and I'm here to help you create a life of passion, purpose and joy.

Have you ever dreamed about quitting your day job, working for yourself and generating income... even while you sleep? Or are you a therapist or coach who is flat out busy with clients, and you need to find a way to free up time, work less, earn more but still manage to deliver your unique expertise where it matters most?

Well, my next guest, Lucy Griffiths, knows all about that. Lucy is a Course Creation Expert and author of the book Make Money While You Sleep - a fantastic guide that walks you through the steps of creating a course of your own.

In this podcast episode, Lucy shares:

  • why creating a course right now is a sure-fire way to make your business recession-proof;
  • the three main mindset blocks that may be stopping you 'making money while you sleep', and how to overcome them;
  • the number one lesson she learned about setting up her own courses, creating a seven-figure business which gives her the freedom and flexibility to live a life she loves.

Find Lucy at:

Take the quiz: What kind of passive income is right for you? on Lucy's website
Facebook: @LucyGriffithsdotcom
Instagram: @LucyGriffithsdotcom
YouTube: Lucy Griffiths




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