A daily practice of finding balance, creativity and joy

Take time out, go back to basics
and find moments of joy

We are more than what we do. How often though do we lose ourselves in the daily busy-ness of life - and forget what really nurtures our soul and makes us feel good?

Nurture is my weekly journal of finding balance, creativity and joy, for those times when life gets hectic and we need to rebalance and reconnect to the present moment.

The Nurture Journal

A daily journal of finding balance, creativity and calm, delivered to your inbox on a Sunday evening. A place for escape, musings, insights and photos of nature, flowers, my garden, art, crafts, poetry and my dog, Boo. 

Why I created Nurture

I'm a big believer in bringing our whole selves to whatever we do in life - and that includes work. We all have hobbies and interests and passions outside of what we do - and that's what makes us unique and interesting. 

I have different ways of helping myself feel grounded, calm and balanced, to create and savour moments of creativity and joy, and I wanted to share them with you. Every Sunday evening you'll receive the latest Nurture journal, sharing what I've been up to during the week, in the hope it may inspire you to nurture more creativity and joy in your daily life too.

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